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Site 400v Mains Distribution

ETS Cymru will liaise with Western Power Distribution to plan for the site ‘specifics’ for any project. We will work out the power requirements for your project. If required, ETS Cymru can install weather resistant enclosures to house the WPD or CT metering for larger 100kva supplies. We can install 400v weather resistant mains distribution panels on site that gives you earth leakage and overload protection to your various designed circuits for compliance to the BS7671 Electrical Regulations. We can arrange for generation power supplies if the mains power is not available and supply fuel management to fulfil your site requirements.

Site Accommodation Electrical Supplies

ETS Cymru will ensure that the electrical supplies for your accommodation units are correctly sized within the IEE Regulations for compliance. Each accommodation unit can differ depending on the loads within the unit itself – from a simple cabin with two or three outlets for laptops to one containing shower blocks or a drying room or canteen.

Site 110v Power and Lighting Services

ETS Cymru will install from a convenient power source on site suitably rated XLPE/PVC/SWA/PVC armoured cabling 110v transformers. Each of these transformers have varied sizes in KVA output depending on the required use on site - ranging from a simple 1.5kva step up tool transformer to a 15kva 3 phase transformer giving multiple 110v outlets for the end user. Each of the transformers consists of 32a 110v outlets and 16a 110v outlets. With these transformers in place, we can then install the relevant safety lighting throughout the entire project covering all the safety access routes as well as task lighting into individual rooms if desired. The range of lighting we can install differs from project to project but essentially the lighting can be weather resistant fluorescent lighting or festoon lighting with a protective wire guard. If it is a larger area we would recommend the high level floodlights to illuminate the working area. We now use low energy bulbs and LED lighting for maximum use for the minimum cost. We can plan the access routes with a suitable amount of emergency lighting backup light fittings to comply with health and safety legislation.

Tower Crane, Passenger Hoist Connections and Lift Commissioning Supplies

ETS Cymru will liaise with you and your tower crane/passenger hoist lift commissioning supplier to plan the correct amount of power required for the connections. These large items of plant will be connected to the ETS Cymru powered distribution panel.

Site Drainage and Water Services

We are increasingly involved with 40mm and 110mm drainage systems on sites to adapt into manholes and plumb the drainage from the accommodation units to the nearest foul. Where there is a lack of drainage on site, we can arrange for our own macerator tanks to be connected into the system, which can push the foul waste up to 200 meters away and to a head height of 20 meters. We will arrange with Welsh Water services for a connection into the water main to provide drinking water for the site. If the pressure of the water is not strong enough, we can boost it with a combined pump and tank. We use blue polypipe of different diameters where necessary.

NICEIC, Part P and PAT Testing Approved Contractor

ETS Cymru are compliant to the NICEIC with regards to our site works and we are inspected by the Guidance Counsel each year. On all our installations we will supply, install, and test for compliance and then commission. Once completed, we will provide a copy of the test certificates which must be periodically inspected on construction sites every 3 months. We will also have the testing equipment to portable appliance test all 110v and 230v appliances on site and within the accommodation units.